With Host Annemarie Tolman, RN MSN

THE SUMMIT  HAS FINISHED, but please join us for more information and interviews soon.

  • Discover proven Methods to Super-Charge Your Brain
  • Discuss how to Increase your Focus and Concentration in Life
  • Find Integrative and Alternative Ways to overcome Anxiety/ Sleep/ Socialization problems and start living the Life of Your Dreams
  • Help You or Your Child with ADHD or Autism

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Tana Amen

Registered Nurse, NY Times bestselling author, highly respected health and fitness expert, and a nationally renowned speaker, will discuss:

The OMNI Diet and the BRAIN

Michael J Gelb

Internationally renowned author, speaker, and consultant teaches YOU about:

Brainpower: Creativity and Innovation

Improve your Mind as you Age



Tanya Mitchell

Vice President of Research and Development for LearningRx

Cognitive skills assessment and improvement methods



Dr. Ken Gibson

Founder of Learning RX


Jarrad Hewett

Bestselling Author and multi-dimensional energy expert will teach YOU about:

The Whole Brain & Energy

Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CN

Internationally-known body-mind-spirit health expert, yoga practitioner, and author, will discuss:


Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Clinical NeuroPsychologist, adjunct Professor in Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, & Founder/ President of Brain Health Center teaches YOU how to:

BrainHealth across the lifespan

Your Brain as a Jungle

Elaine Taylor Klaus

Certified Coach, Author, Public Speaker, & CEO of ImpactADHD.com gives YOU the training how:

Family Struggles, like meltdowns and chaos, can be avoided with brain awareness

Parents can improve Life for You and Your kids

Dr. Charles Parker

Author, Neuroscientist, & Child and Adult Psychiatrist helps YOU find out about:

ADHD Medications & NeuroScience

New Insights & Future Direction of ADHD meds

Dr. Billi Bittan

ADHD Specialist, Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral and Expressive Arts Therapist/Coach will teach You about:

Mastering The Art of Success

How to Leverage ADHD to your advantage

Laurie Dupar

Author, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, & trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will discuss:

Your Brilliant Entrepeneurial Brainstyle

how to Unlock the Secrets to your Innate Talents & Unleash the Productivity and Passion in Your Life

Dr. Lisa Shives

Physician double boarded in Sleep Medicine, Medical Director of Northshore Sleep Medicine, & Weekly contributor to CNN Health.com will discuss with YOU:

Sleep and the Brain; recent research findings

Methods to improve your Sleep

Carolyn Cooper

Founder of The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed Method® will discuss with YOU how to:

Recognize, Release, Reweave: The SimplyHealed Method

Improve Emotional Health and Release Anxiety & Generational Patterns

Dr. Rodney Ford

Pediatrician, gastroenterologist, allergist & director of the Children's Clinic and the Allergy Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, will discuss:

Gluten Brains

The Brain - Grain Connection

Rebecca Hintze

Bestselling author, speaker, emotional wellness coach & DoTerra Consultant will discuss for YOU:

NeuroBiology and Psychology

How Essential Oils improve Brain Health

Sally Thibault

Professional Speaker and Counselor, EFT Practitioner and a passionate Asperger’s Parenting Specialist will discuss with YOU:

Helping your Child with Special Needs become Bully Resilient

Why teaching children bully resilience is now an essential part of parenting

Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Expert psychologist, Creator of creator of Emotional Mastery™ and Emotional Mastery Training™, Master Clinician, Consultant on John Assaraf's Scientific Advisory Board, & Featured Expert in the documentary The Hidden Epidemic, will teach YOU:

How you can Transform at the speed of thought

Develop Pure Emotional Strength, Self-Confidence & Unwavering High Self-Esteem

Dr. Christopher Tice

Chiropractic Neurologist, with a Doctoral in Chiropractic, Post Doctoral Degree in Functional Neurology, Masters in Social Work, & Co-Founder of Brainabilities.com, will teach You:

Brainabilities; What is possible

Braintraining and Integrative Functional Medicine

Debra Hosseini

Author, mom, & founding board member with several organizations that serve individuals with autism and developmental disabilities in California will discuss with YOU:

The Art of Autism

Creative ways to help your child with Autism succeed

Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson

Clinical psychologist, Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, & Founder and Director of the UCLA PEERS Clinic Helps YOU understand:

The Science of Making Friends

Social Skills and the Brain

Elizabeth Borg

Psychologist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Certified Gluten Practitioner

Wellness, Gluten & the Brain


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